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Welcome to Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in San Bernardino County California, serving your carpet cleaning needs. As a small family-run carpet cleaning service, we pride ourselves on servicing the local area, and have been pleasing customers for over 15 years. Our goal is to consistently exceed your expectations, and our many satisfied customers are a testament to our level of dedication.

Our carpet cleaning service is tailored around you, the customer. And that’s why our service includes same day servicing, anytime scheduling, and a dedicated staff whom offer the most personalized level of care. In addition, our organic, enzyme-based cleansers are guaranteed to provide the highest level of cleaning, without harming your family, pets, or the environment.

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Our unique carpet cleaning service protects the investment you’ve made in your home. You can’t always control what happens to your carpet, but you can give yourself the best chance of success.

That is where our carpet cleaning can help. We are a full service home care provider, but carpet cleaning is where we began and is one of the things we do best. From our friendly service, our green cleaning solution, speedy dry time, to our famous One Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty, we have what it takes to assist you all year.

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We have gentle, effective furniture cleaning agents for just about any material including synthetic fabrics, cotton and cotton blends, Haitian cotton, velvet, velour, and leather. We even dry-clean finer fabrics and can clean most upholstery right in your home!

Upholstery Cleaning Includes: allergy cleaning, allergen deodorizer, Allergy Relief Treatment which neutralizes protein found in dust mite feces, acting as a trigger for allergens. This treatment provides protection between regular cleanings.

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So, if you want your carpets returned to like-new condition, please feel free to contact us for a free estimate. The best choice for Cleaning Company in San Bernardino County California, with long experience and the guarantee of quality and when is best for you. For any size of cleaning jobs, call for Cleaning Company.

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Organic carpet cleaning is gaining popularity as many people seek safer, more natural alternatives to chemical products. Traditional cleaning products for carpeting are full of harsh chemicals, which are not only bad for the environment, but also bad for the health. People suffering from allergies, sensitivities, and breathing problems are particularly susceptible to the harmful effects of toxic cleaners. Organic carpet cleaning offers a safe, eco-friendly solution.

Organic Ingredients Provide a Safe Alternative

The types of ingredients that are found in organic cleaning products can include aloe, citrus peel, natural minerals, vegetable fibers, cider vinegar, botanical extracts, soybeans, and more. The combination of safe, all-natural ingredients offer an effective way to remove stains, dust mites, and dirt from carpeting through a simple steam cleaning process.

The process of cleaning carpets with natural enzymes is actually simpler and more effective than cleaning with traditional harsh chemical formulations. The ingredients are gentle enough for regular use, while still providing the same level of cleansing effectiveness. Carpets dry quickly and remain in great condition, with no strong chemical odors left lingering.

Professional organic carpet cleaning is the safest way to maintain carpeting and remove dust and dirt build up. Creating a healthier environment inside of the home is an easy way to keep children, pets, and family members safe. It offers an affordable alternative to toxic cleansers and cleaning processes that take longer to dry. Carpets and the padding below will not get soaked through with harsh chemicals, so most carpets dry fully within a few short hours.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Many people today are recommending professional organic carpet cleaning because it is an environmentally friendly, safe, and effective option. Remove dirt, dust, and tough stains easily without the use of toxic chemical ingredients. Customer satisfaction with organic carpet cleaning is guaranteed. The results are so good that customers will not want or need to return to traditional cleaning products in the future.

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A carpet can be considered an investment for both residential housing and commercial buildings. But as time passes by, it becomes dirty due to attached dirt, stains and fibres caused by natural everyday occurrences and constant visitors at home or in the workplace. The best way to remove every sign of rubbish is to clean it. There are two effective ways in doing this task: either by carpet dry cleaning or carpet steam cleaning. How do these two techniques of carpet cleaning differ from each other?

Dry Cleaning

This often utilizes chemical compounds to get rid off dirt from the carpet. This carpet cleaning method is beneficial to both home and business owners because it requires a small amount of water and moisture which leads to faster drying. Some techniques that dry cleaners use are scrubbing and encapsulation. Carpet dry cleaners scrub the dirt from the carpet to a dry compound and then suck the dirt up by vacuuming. While encapsulation is performed by spreading a special compound to the carpet and wait for it to encapsulate the dirt. When it comes to drying, carpets that undergo this traditional cleaning method usually take a few hours to dry.

Steam Cleaning

This is the best choice for those who want their carpets to be cleaned deeply. This carpet cleaning technique combines hot water with chemical cleaning solutions that are expected to shatter dirt particles and remove them from the carpet. A machine that functions like a vacuum cleaner is often used to suck out dirt from carpet strands. When it comes to drying, this cleaning method usually takes a few days for the carpet to totally dry up. This is the main drawback of using this method. It creates inconvenience to carpet owners because of the longer drying time.

So which is the better carpet cleaning method? From the facts presented above, it can be concluded that carpet dry cleaning is the better choice for home and business owners who want their carpets cleaned. Why is this so? This method allows carpets to dry in just a matter of hours as compared to a few days of the steam cleaning. The time it takes for a carpet to dry up is very important because it has effect to the quality of the carpet. The longer it remains wet, the higher the possibility for it to become sticky. It can also grow mildew and carpets can easily get dirty and stained again.